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Grainy Surface
Granite - Cotton Rose

Granite - Cotton Rose

SKU: G635

Original Country



Color Tunes: Pink

    Originating from China, Cotton Rose Granite, also known as G635 Granite, is a captivating natural stone renowned for its exquisite aesthetic appeal.


    This granite features a harmonious blend of soft pink and gray tones, reminiscent of the delicate cotton rose blossoms, which inspire its name. The surface of Cotton Rose Granite is adorned with intricate patterns that evoke the elegance and charm of blooming flowers, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to bring a touch of natural beauty into their spaces.


    • Known for its unique hues and remarkable durability, Cotton Rose Granite is an excellent material for construction, ornamental stonework, and various design projects, adding both elegance and resilience to any application.

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