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Marble - Crystal White

Marble - Crystal White

Original Country


Color Tunes: White

    Originated from Vietnam, Crystal White Marble is a pristine and ethereal natural stone that exudes purity and sophistication.


    • With its immaculate white background and translucent crystals, this marble resembles a glistening winter wonderland, brings an aura of elegance to interior design projects.


    The luminous quality of Crystal White Marble makes it a favored choice for spaces seeking illumination and a sense of spaciousness. Ideal for flooring, countertops, and wall applications, its timeless charm is accentuated by its subtle veining, creating a harmonious blend of serenity and luxury.


    • Whether in classic or contemporary settings, Crystal White Marble bestows an air of opulence and tranquility, capturing the essence of refined aesthetics and a sanctuary-like ambiance.

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