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Marble - Shangri-La Jade

Marble - Shangri-La Jade

Original Country



    Shangri La Jade Marble, originating from China, exudes an enchanting blend of serenity and luxury. Its name evokes images of mythical landscapes, and the marble lives up to this imagery with its soothing green background adorned by intricate white veining.


    • Sourced from regions in China, this marble infuses interior spaces with a sense of elegance and tranquility. Ideal for flooring, feature wall and bathroom, its unique color palette complements a variety of design styles.


    The interplay of green and white within Shangri La Jade Marble creates a captivating visual story, evoking a connection to nature. Its calming allure and distinctive appearance make it a favored choice for those seeking to envelop their spaces in a sense of harmony and refined beauty, reminiscent of the idyllic Shangri-La.

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